VANCOUVER -- So much snow fell over Metro Vancouver during the most recent storm that passengers had to help a stuck bus get through it.

Video captured by Twitter user Suzanne shows several people helping out, leaning into the bus as they push it out of the spot where it got stuck.

Suzanne told CTV News the bus got stuck at Broadway and Willow Street Wednesday.

"Got stuck again!!!" Suzanne wrote, tagging TransLink in her tweet.

"Vancouver doesn't really know how to handle snow."

Several people tried to help, and the bus operator was eventually able to get it going.

Their efforts worked, but aren't recommended.

"While it's nice to see the spirit of co-operation in action, we don't support customers pushing buses stuck in the snow," TransLink's Jill Drews said in an email to CTV News.

"Safety is our top priority. We can't condone allowing customers to put their safety at risk in this way."

Wednesday was a difficult day for commuters who rely on public transit.

More than 50 bus routes were impacted by weather.  Pickups were delayed as drivers had to slow down, and many buses got stuck throughout the day.

A long line of buses were stopped on Granville Street near the bridge for about three hours as snowplows cleared the hill so the drivers could get through.

On the SkyTrain, delays were reported across the system due to stuck doors and switch issues. TransLink said the issues were due to the temperature, which was below freezing.

Trains also had to move at slower speeds, and platforms and train cars were crowded as people tried to get to and from work.

The service provider went so far as to ask the public to stay home, if they could. 

When asked about use of "snow socks" – specialized tools designed to improve traction in hilly areas during slippery conditions – TransLink said they were used Wednesday on Burnaby Mountain Parkway to Simon Fraser University and on two routes on the North Shore.

"Installing them requires staff at either end of the route. Staff need a large, safe place to install them," Drews said.

"Snow socks also require checks and maintenance periodically. These requirements constrain when and how snow socks can be used. Snow socks are very useful at times, but they are not feasible for use on all routes."

On Thursday, conditions improved, but passengers were warned that service would be slower than normal

HandyDART service remained at essential service levels only, TransLink said, because many side streets are still icy and may not have been plowed.