VANCOUVER -- An annual winter event meant to help students get outside and de-stress has been postponed due to snow, somewhat ironically.

The University of British Columbia plays host to a campus-wide snowball fight in Vancouver each year, but a snowstorm caused organizers to put off the frosty fight.

In a Facebook post, those who organized the "battle plan" said the event was moved to Thursday at 12:30 p.m.

Classes were cancelled at UBC's Point Grey campus, as well as at other post-secondary schools in the area, due to poor weather conditions on Wednesday.

The snowball fight will take over the Main Mall between the Sauder and chemistry buildings, the organizers wrote on Facebook.

"Whether you breezed through syllabus week, took an extended vacation or are already submitting papers - we think it’s time for a break between classes. What better way to celebrate an early snowfall than one of our favorite campus traditions!"

Organizers expected thousands to attend the "ultimate battle," and joked it was the perfect chance to "rally against that person in lecture who states things in the form of questions, provide some payback for the friend that 'forgot' your secret Santa gift or stand up to the roommates that stole your leftovers from the fridge."

Those who want to take part in the "serious snowy showdown" are asked to line up on either side of the mall at 12:15 p.m. The next 15 minutes are for gathering ammo, and the first snowballs fly at 12:30.