A B.C. party bus company is facing closure after it drew attention from inspectors following an incident in which two girls fell out of one of its buses last week.

Nearly every vehicle in the fleet at Vancouver Party Bus headquarters in Surrey has been pulled off the road after government inspectors found a host of mechanical problems – ranging from broken taillights to braking and steering issues.

"We've found out of 17 vehicles we've inspected we've taken 16 of them out of service, so (it's) a very significant issue," Transportation Minister Shirley Bond said.

The company specializes in providing party buses -- especially to teens graduating from high school who want to have a good time.

The Ministry of Transportation told CTV News that they checked other companies and did not find the same problems.

The girls who fell out of the bus as it rounded a corner on a busy highway in Langley last Friday were not seriously hurt, but police say the teens were drinking and they found numerous bottles of booze.

The owner of Vancouver Party Bus, Jim Price, claims he has a zero-alcohol-tolerance policy and that he's being unfairly targeted by ministry inspections.

"Our vehicles were inspected by federal inspectors, federal engineers, and they've met all the marks that they've had to meet," Price said.

CTV News asked for proof of federal inspections but Price didn't provide any. The ministry has ordered him to bring the vehicles up to standard.

"If we don't find a level of compliance that's satisfactory, one of the options will be that this company will not continue to serve in British Columbia," Bond said.

Price says he's had to cancel all his grad bookings this month and won't have the money to continue operating. He'll be out of business effective Monday.

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With a report from CTV British Columbia's Jina You