Less than a day after multiple photos of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau wearing brownface and blackface were reported in the media, vandals defaced signs belonging to a candidate from Trudeau's party in the Okanagan.

Kelowna-Lake Country candidate Stephen Fuhr posted photos on his Facebook page Thursday morning showing the signs, on which someone has drawn on his face with black marker to make it appear that he's wearing blackface.

"So this happened overnight here in our community," Fuhr wrote in the post. "Sad. If anyone has information or saw this occur, please contact my campaign office at 778-436-8648, or you can contact the RCMP directly."

The vandalism seems likely to be a reference to the incidents involving Trudeau that surfaced Wednesday night.

First, TIME Magazine published a photo of the Liberal leader wearing brownface and a turban at an Arabian Nights themed party in 2001, when he was a teacher at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver. The photo was published in the school's 2000-01 yearbook.

Trudeau apologized for that photo and acknowledged that it was racist. Speaking to reporters aboard his campaign plane, the Liberal leader also admitted that he had worn this type of makeup before, specifically referencing an incident in high school when he "dressed up at a talent show and sang Day-O. With makeup on."

Photos of Trudeau in blackface in high school were confirmed and circulated on social media later Wednesday evening.

A video of Trudeau from the 1990s has also surfaced. The footage, first obtained by Global News, shows a younger Trudeau in blackface while wearing a white T-shirt, raising his arms, which were also covered in black makeup.

On Thursday, Trudeau again apologized.

"This is something that I deeply, deeply regret," he said. "Darkening your face … is always unacceptable because of the racist history of blackface."

The Liberal leader couldn't rule out the possibility that additional photos or videos showing him wearing brownface or blackface wouldn't be released.

"I am wary of being definitive of this because the recent pictures that came out I had not remembered," he said. "The question is, how could you not remember that? The fact is I didn't understand how hurtful this is to be people who experience discrimination every day."