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Latest Surrey, B.C., shooting involves feuding Punjabi singers, gunfire on TikTok, mistaken identity


Surrey Mounties are conducting an unusual investigation where no one was harmed in a spray of gunfire, but the gunman may have documented the shooting and posted it to TikTok as part of an ongoing feud involving a Punjabi singer.

The home in central Surrey is riddled with bullets inside and out, with holes clearly visible in siding, the ceiling and windows where the Garcha family lives. When the shots rang out, two people were sleeping upstairs and one was downstairs, with the family matriarch sleeping on a couch next to a window that was hit by the gunfire.

"I'm glad my grandmother is OK," said homeowner Sukhjit Garcha, who translated for Gurdav Kaur as she explained she didn’t realize the loud sounds around 3 a.m. Tuesday were gunshots.

"I was really really shocked because I didn't accept that somebody would damage my property or somebody would want to kill me because I have no problem with anyone,” he said. "I just moved in last September, five months ago."

When Mounties arrived to investigate, Garcha showed them a TikTok video where a man fires several shots at what Garcha says are his wife and father’s vehicles, as well as the home. A hand is visible, but not the man’s face, and Punjabi writing on the short clip threatens popular singer Karan Aujle, with the writer claiming affiliation with a gang in India.

"The evidence we've gathered thus far suggests the current occupants of this house were not the intended target,” said Surrey RCMP Const. Sarbjit Sangha. “The people who were living in the house prior to this owner may have been targeted."

Garcha believes the previous owner was a friend of Aujle’s, and Mounties tell CTV News they have been in touch with the person, who they did not identify, to develop a personal safety plan; they have also developed a safety plan for the Garchas and offered victim services supports.

The RCMP is now in discussions with TikTok to determine what kind of information they can glean from the posting or account that created the post.

Sources tell CTV News that feuds between Punjabi singers are not uncommon and a written letter left at the home echoes the threats and references to Aujla as the video posting. The singer has millions of followers on various social media platforms and YouTube videos of his music have cumulatively logged billions of views.

Aujla’s Facebook page identifies his location as Vancouver. Top Stories

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