Canadian border officials are reminding U.S. travellers not to carry undeclared, hidden guns into Canada after seizing 11 firearms in a single week.

From last Monday to Sunday, seven Americans were arrested at B.C.-Washington State border crossings and either charged or sent back home as guards claimed a shotgun and 10 handguns from their vehicles.

Many of the weapons were loaded and some were found with additional rounds of ammunition, including a pair of magazines capable of holding more than 10 cartridges.

The Canadian Border Services Agency released a list of recent seizures Wednesday, including one incident in which two travellers en route to Alaska allegedly brought six loaded, undeclared weapons over the Aldergrove-Huntington border crossing.

Each faces smuggling and firearms offences, and is being held in custody on $50,000 bail.

Border guards have seized 75 firearms in the Pacific region since the beginning of the year, most of which came from American visitors.

All weapons must be declared in writing and are subject to a $25 fee. Some, such as shorter-barreled handguns and automatic weapons, are prohibited altogether.

Transporting undeclared weapons across the border can lead to charges under both the Customs Act and Criminal Code.

The weapons, as well as the vehicle used to transport them, can also be seized.