About 150 anti-Olympic protesters held a final, spirited march through downtown Vancouver but their chants were often drowned out by hecklers watching the Canada-U.S.. Hockey game.

It was the climax of more than two weeks of protests by those who feel the billions spent on the Games would have been better used to help the poor and homeless.

But the demonstration was a fraction the size of the march that coincided with the opening ceremonies Feb. 12.

The protest movement splintered the day after opening ceremonies when some demonstrators spray-painted vehicles and smashed windows -- tactics that turned off many.

Today, police had to get between marchers and hockey fans who spilled out of bars, beers in hand, to heckle them.

The hockey fans sang O Canada and hollered at protesters to "get a job."

Police also kept marchers from heading towards the Yaletown neighbourhood, an area packed with bars and Olympic revellers.