VANCOUVER -- A former Coquitlam minor hockey and baseball coach convicted of voyeurism has been handed a suspended sentence and six months' probation.

Randy Downes was found guilty of two counts of voyeurism last June. The 62-year-old was arrested in October 2016 after a border guard viewed photos on electronic devices belonging to Downes during a secondary inspection and contacted police.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Heather MacNaughton told the court Downes intentionally and surreptitiously took pictures of two boys in a dressing room without their consent. The boys were between about 12 and 14 years old at the time. MacNaughton told the court while some of the 38 photos show the boys changing their clothes, there are no nude or pornographic images.

“I have no explanation for his behaviour,” MacNaughton said, and added she has no evidence as to why Downes took the photos and was not prepared to draw an inference that he took them for a sexual purpose, something he has also denied.

She told the court she also accepts Downes is truly sorry for taking the pictures.

The Crown asked for one day in jail and a three year probationary period. The defence had sought a suspended sentence and conditional discharge.

MacNaughton said a discharge was not in the public interest, due to the fact the boys were under 18 and Downes was in a position of trust.

Downes will have to abide by conditions, including not to be in the presence of anyone under 17 years old in areas such as locker rooms, and not to take pictures of anyone under 17 except with the prior consent of their parent or guardian.