The Insurance Corporation of B.C. says it expects to pay $825,000 in severance to workers fired for selling rebuilt cars without telling buyers about the vehicles' damage history.

Eight workers were involved in the scheme at an ICBC research centre in Burnaby where repaired cars were sold to unsuspecting buyers or bought by ICBC staff through auctions that may have been rigged.

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Three top-level executives of the company have left since the scandal broke and the RCMP is investigating the car-sale scheme.

ICBC says of the eight workers involved, one was fired and two others left voluntarily.

Details on two other employees are being withheld because they've asked the privacy commissioner to decide on what information will be released.

Another three employees were reprimanded but remain with ICBC.

In July, an independent investigation by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that a total of 55 vehicles repaired at the research facility were purchased by ICBC employees and connected parties.

PwC also found concerns about practices at the research and training facility were reported on three previous occasions, but were not appropriately investigated.

With a report from The Canadian Press