A Vancouver Island man had his boss's face tattooed on his behind to get a raise at work, and his cheeky approach has earned him international attention.

Duncan resident Dustin Thut says he woke up Thursday to calls and text messages saying he had been featured on the show Ellen.

On the program, Ellen DeGeneres called Thut's letter to her "the most ridiculous thing I have ever, ever seen in my entire life."  

He had asked his boss Mike Morgan for a raise, but was told he'd only get one if he tattooed Morgan's face on his rear end.

Thut visited Bully Boy Tattoos in Duncan to request what artist Jory Helms called his "most unusual portrait to date."

"He came in the next day, and he had this silly look on his face, and he just turned around and dropped his pants," Morgan said.

"I pretty much dropped my heart right there and that was that. I gave him the raise."

That $2 raise didn't last long, though.

"I quickly laid him off after that," Morgan said.

He's still unsure about being linked forever to his former employee: "I'd like to say I'm a little bit honoured, but I've got to say no."

But Thut says he has no regrets.

"[It's] wasted space anyway. It makes a great story."

He says that if DeGeneres is looking for more material, he's willing to be the butt of a new joke, for just a small fee: "Tickets to your show. Left cheek's yours, Ellen."