An 18-month-old golden retriever credited with saving a boy from a cougar attack in Boston Bar, B.C., this past weekend underwent surgery Monday to repair wounds inflicted by the cougar.

Angel suffered numerous puncture wounds to her face, neck and legs, and a swollen eye, after she jumped in to protect 11-year-old Austin Forman from the charging cougar outside his home.

The cougar was later shot and killed by an RCMP officer.

Angel arrived at the Sardis Animal Hospital in Chilliwack on Monday to undergo surgery. Her prognosis is good and she could return home as soon as Tuesday.

"Golden retrievers are pretty stoic, they're loyal and faithful, and certainly this one has shown a lot of courage," veterinarian Dr. John Anvik told CTV News.

"She's absolutely a hero."

The Forman family has been inundated with media inquiries from around the world, including from NBC's Today Show, Inside Edition, and a television station in the United Kingdom.

The incident was the second cougar encounter last week in the province. On Thursday, a seven-year-old boy in Danskin, in northern B.C., was attacked by a cougar.

His mother ran outside and managed to scare the cougar away.

The boy suffered head injuries. He returned to school on Monday.

With files from CTV British Columbia's Julia Foy