A Langara College student says she feels violated after two RCMP officers approached her on the Vancouver campus to question her about a friend who is an Olympic protester.

Danika Surm said she told the plainclothes officers that it wasn't a good time, but they insisted they would find a time. They called her on her cell phone the next day.

"I felt violated to tell the truth. I don't know how they found me. I was tracked down," said Surm, who says she does not belong to any anti-Olympic groups.

The officers were from the RCMP's 2010 security unit, which has questioned more than a dozen people related to the anti-Olympic movement.

The officers wanted to know about her friend, Chris Shaw, who has been a vocal Olympic opponent.

Shaw said it's one thing for police to ask him questions. Approaching his friends goes too far, he said.

"This is becoming a big deal because it's no longer just protesters they want to intimidate," he said. "It's no longer the realm of activists. It could be anybody."

An RCMP official acknowledged Tuesday that the agency has been questioning people connected to the anti-Olympic movement, but says it's in the name of keeping the event safe.

"It's basic police work, looking to speak to people, gathering information," said Const. Mandy Edwards.

The NDP in Victoria accused the Liberals of intimidating their political opponents.

"Who in this government authorized these investigations and harassment of ordinary citizens?" asked NDP MLA Leonard Krog.

"As you can understand, the RCMP have a very important function," replied Solicitor General Kash Heed. "Can you imagine if they didn't check out the information they get? They have the duty to prevent anything from happening."

Surm said she wasn't politically involved before the RCMP confronted her. She says that has now changed.

"What are they driving at? What are they trying to find? What are they going to do until they satisfy that craving to prove that something untoward is going on?"

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Jon Woodward