B.C. Auditor General John Doyle, whose reappointment was recently voted down by a Liberal-dominated committee, has now been offered a two-year extension.

Premier Christy Clark announced the offer at a press conference Wednesday, just over a week after Doyle’s reappointment was declined.

“The people of British Columbia need to have confidence that the right person is being selected for the right reasons, and that that process stands untainted by political agendas,” Clark said. “And that doesn’t just have to be true, it has to be seen to be true by the citizens of British Columbia.”

The initial decision to not to extend Doyle’s term sparked criticism from New Democrats, who believe the auditor general has done a good job of holding the government accountable.

Doyle has written several reports criticizing the province on spending issues, and has been spearheading a drive to uncover more information about the decision to pay $6 million in legal bills for the former aides found guilty in the BC Rail scandal.

It’s so far unclear whether Doyle will accept, as he had been looking for another full six-year term.

Clark also announced plans to extend the auditor general appointment from six years to eight when the legislature reconvenes next month.

"I do not believe it's the right process, when we have independent officers of the legislature like this one who are in a natural conflict with the government to every six years be coming in and perhaps asking to have their job back,” said Clark. “I think it creates a difficult conflict."

With files from The Canadian Press