Another one bites the dust. For the fourth time this week, the BC Conservatives have sent an MLA hopeful packing.

Party leader John Cummins confirmed Sunday morning that Vancouver-West End candidate Ron Herbert had been fired, and that the Conservatives’ senior volunteer in charge of vetting had stepped down.

“In light of last week’s revelation about two of our candidates, I ordered a full re-vetting of all BC Conservative candidates. These are never easy situations for a campaign, but I believe that leaders must act proactively,” Cummins said in a statement.

The reasons for scrapping Herbert were not disclosed, but Cummins said the decision was made as a result of the re-vetting process.

According to the Vancouver Sun, Herbert was found to have sent a message from his personal Twitter account, @RonnieMemo, that used a misogynistic slur against the Premier.

“’I can balance a budget and flip a pancake!’ #ChristyClark’s breakfast @ #DeDutch. Gag me with a spoon, bitch. You tripled the debt: HELLO!” the tweet read.

Two other candidates were dumped over controversial comments earlier this week, beginning with Vancouver-False Creek candidate Ian Tootill on Wednesday.

Tootill posted a message on Twitter in October 2012 asking, “Who’s really to blame? Hitler or the people who acted on his words?”

On Thursday, Boundary-Similkameen candidate Mischa Popoff was also dropped for a quote he’d given a newspaper criticizing single mothers for having children “without a man at their side.”

Jeff Sprague, who was running in the North Vancouver-Lonsdale riding, stepped down on Monday over what was called an “unfortunate personal incident.” Reports allege Sprague had been caught driving while impaired.