VANCOUVER -- Canadian pharmacies are busier than usual as people stock up on medications during the COVID-19 crisis, but Health Canada and provincial health ministries have measures in place to make sure drug supplies are not disrupted, according to a B.C. pharmacist.

"Health Canada has assured us there will be enough medications fo individuals to get through this pandemic," said pharmacist Harj Samra in an interview on CTV Morning Live on Monday.

Samra said some provinces have put daily prescribing limits in place: Manitoba, for instance, has limited the maximum amount of prescribed medication to 35 days.

"I can see other provinces following suit, just to ensure that every Canadian has access to medication," Samra said.

The B.C. government has announced extended powers for pharmacists, who can now fill prescription refills without a new prescription for a 30-day supply.

When it comes to people who have COVID-19, there have been reports about ibuprofen having a negative effect on patients. But Samra reiterated messages from Health Canada and provincial health ministries that "there is not enough evidence to say what drugs should or shouldn't be used."

Samra said that if people are worried about taking ibuprofen, they can take acetaminophen (Tylenol) to treat fevers. He urged people who have questions about any drug to contact their local pharmacist. Samra, who works for a digital pharmacy called Pocket Pills, said his company also has a live chat option on their app.