An expired car seat does not jeopardize car insurance

If you’re in a car accident and your child is injured while in an expired car seat, Debra wants to know: does it affect the insurance coverage of the child? ICBC says regardless of who’s at fault, the child in the car seat is still covered by insurance. An expired car seat does not affect coverage. ICBC does however, recommend that parents check the expiry date of car seats as a matter of course.

Why is there a lag when I make a credit card payment online?

When Rob from Richmond makes a credit card payment online, he notices the funds come out of his account immediately. He wants to know why it takes several days for the payment to be applied. The Canadian Banking Association tells CTV News the money is debited right away to make sure the funds stay available. But it’s up to the credit card issuer to update its customer’s billing accounts to reflect payment and that could take a few days.

Why doesn’t B.C. have more licence plate choices?

Marv is bored with his licence plate and wants to know why B.C. doesn’t have as many personalized licence plate choices as Washington State. In Washington, licence plates can showcase universities, professions, organizations and sports teams to name a few; all with special designs. B.C. has one background personalized plates, collector plates and veterans plates with a few holdover plates from the 2010 Olympics. And that’s not going to change anytime soon. ICBC says it has no plans to bring in more licence plate options in the near or distant future.