1. Cyclist dead: A 46-year-old Vancouver cyclist was pronounced dead Thursday morning, shortly after being found unconscious on the seawall in False Creek. 

2. How much do you care? As Vancouver continues its descent into unaffordability in its housing market, critics are pointing out that politicians may not have much incentive to battle the rising prices.

3. Discount flights: A new, ultra-low cost airline will be offering flights starting as low as $89 from B.C. next month. But traveller beware: you will face charges for baggage, choosing seats and other services you’re accustomed to on flights.

4. Trio charged: A drive-by shooting that resulted in a high-speed chase in Surrey has resulted in a host of charges. According to RCMP, a truck was targeted by another car. The truck driver then followed the car as the suspects continued firing at him.

5. Robot cup: A B.C. inventor has built a cup that will deliver liquid automatically. While some may joke, the creator says it’s designed for those who have had jaw surgery or dentist work.