VANCOUVER -- April will bring showers, it appears, but this year, it may also bring a bit of snow.

Environment Canada's forecast for Metro Vancouver shows a 40 per cent chance of wet flurries early on the first day of the month, though it appears only higher elevations might actually see snow. 

The weather agency suggests the temperature will dip down to 2 C at around 4 a.m. Wednesday, and it may feel colder in some areas.

Still, for most of the region, any precipitation that does fall will hit the ground as rain during the morning, and the temperature should climb later in the morning.

The forecast suggests a high of 9 C for Wednesday, so even if snow does fall, it's likely to melt.

Towards late morning and through the afternoon, Environment Canada expects a mix of sun and cloud.

Thursday's forecast is similar, with a chance of rain expected Friday. The weekend forecast includes sun, cloud and a 60 per cent chance of showers, with a high around 10 C.