A dramatic standoff between a machete-wielding 49-year-old woman and police in East Vancouver has ended, and it appears no innocent bystanders or officers were injured.

The woman sustained a hand injury while being shot with bean bag rounds, however.

Const. Jana McGuinness said police fired the bean bags in an attempt to force her to drop the blade after a police Taser had no apparent effect on her.

A woman was reported brandishing a machete in Victoria Park shortly before 11:30 a.m. Saturday. Police flooded the area, and found a suspect matching the description on Commercial Drive near Kitchener Street.

As officers approached, McGuinness said the woman became distraught, shouted at police and pulled a machete out of her bag.

"Officers repeatedly ordered her to drop the machete but she did not respond," McGuinness said in a statement.

A Taser was deployed, but the standoff persisted.

After being hit by a bean bag in the hand, the woman dropped the machete and was taken into custody.

After being treated in hospital, the woman will be taken to jail, McGuinness said. She faces counts of assault and possession of a dangerous weapon, but must undergo psychiatric assessment before any charges are recommended.