B.C.'s 10 most wanted men include two alleged murderers, an international drug dealer, a Las Vegas fraudster and a man dubbed "the wonky eyed rapist."

Provincial Mounties released the list Tuesday, warning the public to be careful if they see any of the individuals as they may be armed and very dangerous, says RCMP spokesperson Insp. Tim Shields.

"The sooner we can get them off our streets, the better," Insp. Tim Shields said.

"We also want to send these 10 wanted people a message: The public are now watching for you as well, and you have nowhere to run and hide."

In Pictures: B.C.'s most wanted men

Among the people on the list are two well-known members of the United Nations gang. Last month, Conor D'Monte was charged with murder for gunning down Kevin LeClair -- a rival gang member -- in a Langley IGA parking lot.

Cory Vallee, also charged in LeClair's death, is also wanted for conspiracy to murder the Bacon brothers and their gang associates. Police say Vallee has connections to a drug network in Mexico and was last seen in October 2009.

Also on the list is Jeffrey Paul Emery, who disappeared the day after being found guilty in absentia for pouring hairspray on his common-law wife and lighting her on fire. She suffered third-degree burns to her face, arms and torso. Emery did not take her to the hospital and police only learned about the crime through a relative a month later.

Thirty-two-year-old Ronald Miljure, deemed "the Wonky Eyed Rapist" by police, has a history of criminal interaction with sex trade workers and is considered armed and dangerous.

He is wanted by the Burnaby RCMP for multiple counts of break-and-enter, robbery and breach of release conditions.

Arnold Louette Alexis is wanted for the 1978 attempted murder of his then common-law wife in Vernon. Three people witnessed Alexis stab the woman several times in the forehead and back area.

There is a Canada-wide warrant out for Alexis. It is believed he has relocated to Washington State, possibly in Omac County. He is known to have re-entered Canada on occasion through the Osoyoos border crossing.

Apollo Alex Verde is wanted for 32 counts of fraud and fraud-related offences linked to credit card fraud. Verde is alleged to have obtained unauthorized access to credit data from one of Canada's largest credit reporting agencies.

"The illegally obtained credit information allegedly allowed Verde to access bank accounts and also obtain high value credit cards. Many of these credit cards found their way to Las Vegas area casinos, where large cash advances were obtained," Shields said.

Verde is also wanted for related offences in Ontario, Alberta and the U.S.

Minh Tan Le, 26, is wanted as part of a Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit investigation into drug trafficking and money laundering. Project Paragon probed the importation of cocaine from the US and the distribution of ecstasy, ephedrine, and other controlled substances into Canada.

Le's passport and travel visa were seized when he was arrested but it is believed he may have access to other travel documents.

Also 26-years-old, Marcus Sheena is currently wanted for skipping out on his probation for assault with a weapon charges. Police say Sheena choked out a victim after the person refused to give him money. One of the younger men on the list, he has a lengthy criminal record of 27 convictions.

Surrey RCMP are chasing Dean Jeffrey Anderson after he allegedly hit someone with a bottle outside of a local bar. He is wanted for assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm and breach of probation.

Completing the list is Thomas Lawrence Grant, who is said to be a chronic offender with multiple fraud, break-and-enter and stolen property offences. Grant has two outstanding warrants for possessing counterfeit money in Penticton and possessing stolen property in Summerland.

Anyone with information about the suspects is asked to call their local RCMP detachment or alert Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).