A woman thought she was buying the latest must-have Christmas toy for her granddaughters -- but found a shock at the toy store instead.

When Bonnie Goldstone purchased two Little Mommy dolls at a Langley Toys R Us, she was following the advice of a friend.

"One of the mums was telling me about it -- it's the best doll ever, their daughter doesn't want to put it down. So its like, it's sold, I gotta get it!" she said.

Goldstone went home and told her daughter about buying the cooing dolls, and her daughter told her to listen to the message.

So she did, and what she heard shocked her. Goldstone is certain the doll says "Islam is the light."

"I think it's not right," she said.

"A cooing baby saying Islam is the light. This is not cool... Who's doing this, someone in the factory? A secret message? What is this? I'm gonna return the doll. I don't want it."

When CTV asked shoppers what they thought, some at first couldn't hear the words until they were told what it was meant to say.

"She does, too! It is too! Holy!" said one woman.

After Goldstone returned the dolls to the Toys R Us, she said the store's manager was surprised.

"He was shocked. He didn't realize it -- he said 'oh my gosh. I'm gonna call head office -- e-mail head office and see if they can get them taken off the shelves.' That's good -- what I wanted," she said.

As for the fuss over the talking dolls themselves, Goldstone has made a different decision in terms of what to get for her granddaughters.

"I'm gonna get a doll that doesn't speak, maybe crawls," she said.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Shannon Paterson

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