Data breaches at big companies like Equifax and Marriott’s Starwood hotels make headlines, but what happens when hackers target a local mom-and-pop shop?

A Consumer Reports investigation found incidents at small businesses should worry consumers just as much because sometimes those businesses are more prone to hacks.

And whether 148 million customers are impacted, like during the Equifax security breach, or a mere 90 customers from a family owned business, the consequences may not be so different.

But there are easy ways to protect yourself from the risk of a data breach.

“You’ve got to be stingy with your personal information. The less data you put out there, the less there is to steal. If you have accounts that you don’t use often or that are pretty old, or ones you don’t use anymore, you might want to monitor them on a routine basis and close the inactive ones,” advised Bobby Richter, Consumer Reports privacy expert.

Another way to protect yourself from data breaches is to use a password manager. Apps like 1Password, LastPass, and Dashlane will keep track of all your passwords and generate new ones designed to thwart hackers.