VANCOUVER -- Officials are warning the public to be wary following a report of a cougar attack at a popular spot for hikers.

The B.C. Conservation Officer Service said it received a report that a cougar had attacked a small dog over the weekend on a trail in Anmore.

The service said the attack was reported near Buntzen Lake, but did not say which trail the dog and its owner had been on at the time.

"Signage is posted," BCCOS said.

BCCOS reminded pet owners to keep dogs on leash and close by at all times.

In the event of a cougar encounter, hikers are advised to stay calm and back away slowly, ensuring the big cat has a clear escape route.

Officials advise picking up children, who may be frightened. Noise and sudden movements can provoke an attack.

They should keep the cougar in eyesight in front as they make themselves look as big as possible.

If the cougar follows, keep eye contact, show teeth and make loud noises, provincial wildlife officials say.

Pick up sticks or rocks to use as a weapon, and fight back during an attack, focusing on the face and eyes.

Last month, a man in his 60s survived a cougar attack on a rural property north of Whistler by fighting for his life

A conservation officer told CTV News the man used his hands and shouted. Ultimately, the cougar was shot by RCMP before members of BCCOS arrived at the scene.

Back in September, a warning was issued after a dog was injured by a cougar on the Coquitlam Crunch trail. In that case, conservation officers said the dog was off leash, and required stitches, but survived the attack.