A new video posted on YouTube shows exactly what happened in the moments leading up to the now-iconic kiss by Alexandra Thomas and Scott Jones.

The Australian aspiring actor and his Canadian girlfriend grabbed worldwide headlines after a photo of them kissing in the middle of the street during the Stanley Cup riot went viral.

The video shows the couple being charged by a fast-moving line of riot police before they are knocked to the ground.

They are momentarily caught up with two officers, who are standing over them. Jones is seen holding up his hand, presumably in an effort to protect his girlfriend.

The camera pans away to follow the line of the police, and then refocuses on Thomas – who is still lying on the ground and appears to be wincing in pain.

Soon after, a woman with a white daisy in her hair is seen crouching down beside Thomas, in what is now an eerily empty street in downtown Vancouver.

The couple has reportedly hired Australian public relations firm Markson Sparks to help them cash in on their newfound fame.

It is believed the agency will help Jones, also a standup comedian, find jobs and endorsements.

Freelance photographer Rich Lam, who was assigned to cover Game 7 for Getty Images, told CTV News that when he took the photo, he wasn't even aware of what he had captured until after he had given his camera's memory cards to his editors.

"I was blown away," said Lam when he saw the photo. "My initial reaction was that someone was hurt."

Hannah Jones, Scott's sister, said he had been living in Vancouver for six months and had recently started dating Thomas.