Despite the best efforts to get ahead of the game, toy sales spike in the week before Christmas. So if you've still got some kids on your list to buy for here’s a look at some toys that will please even the toughest critics.

“This year there’s not so much the one homerun toy like we’ve seen in previous years, but definitely a bunch of different popular toys,” said Ryan Carr, head of purchasing for Mastermind Toys. Each year his team spends months carefully collecting, compiling and curating a selection for the holidays.

Tech Toys

DJ Bot: $99.99

The boogying BlueTooth speaker is popular for tech toys this year. It will play and dance to your favourite tunes and what’s extra special is you can pre-program his dance moves. He also can tell some funny jokes.

Rastar BMW I8: $59.99

For those who love to cruise around, the BMW I8 sports car can be driven like a pro, at least on a miniature scale. It features a highly detailed exterior and doors that open.

Cuddly and Interactive

Fingerlings Hugs: $39.99

These are the bigger, softer version of the Fingerlings that were so popular last year. Its sensors react to your movements making it ready to play and its long arms are perfect for big hugs.

Lil’ Gleemerz: $24.99

These interactive toys have 100 different phrases and play modes and react to touch and sound. Their rainbow tails light up and their eyes glow.

Board Games

“It seems like parents are looking for a little less screen time and a little more family time and board games really fit the bill,” said Carr.

Pencil Nose: $34.99

Pencil Nose is basically Pictionary with your face. You put on a pair of glasses with a marker attached and draw on a clear board, while others try to guess what you’re drawing. It will definitely put your co-ordination to the test.

What’s that Smell?: $27.99

This board game really stinks. It includes 50 scratch and sniff cards, some nice and some downright nasty. The goal is to identify the smells, while the loser is forced to inhale punishment smells like disgusting B.O., vomit and baby’s diaper.


“Collectibles are anything that are a series of characters or bits and bobs that kids can collect,” explained Carr, “The activity of collecting and interacting with their friends, that is huge.”

Among the popular collectibles are LOL Surprise, Polly Pockets and Squeezamals. (Prices range)

And Twisty Petz: $7.99 and up

This transforming jewelry also makes the collectibles list. It’s a beaded pet that can be pulled apart and turns into a bracelet to wear.