The parents of a B.C. teenager stabbed to death outside a high school are pleading for anyone with information about the "evil, cruel" murder to come forward.

Devon Allaire-Bell, 19, was fatally stabbed outside Frank Hurt Secondary School in Surrey on April 24, and police are now releasing surveillance footage from the night of the murder in the hopes of identifying six suspects.

Parents Cynthia Allaire-Bell and Wayne Bell brought a cedar urn containing Devon's remains to an Integrated Homicide Investigation Team press conference Thursday.

"To the people who did this, you reduced this very caring, loving young man to ashes," Allaire-Bell said.

"If you believe that you were a man when you did this, be a man and stand up and take responsibility for what you did. Only a slimy, evil [person] could do such a thing and feel no remorse."

Devon and his friend, 20-year-old Jack Nielson, were playing soccer and drinking beer behind the high school when they encountered six young men and got into an argument that quickly escalated to violence.

Both Devon and Jack were stabbed, but Jack survived and called for help. He is still recovering from his injuries.

Police say the suspects are all Indo-Canadian men around 20 years old. Footage from the scene of the stabbing shows five men leaving the area. Three are wearing dark clothing, while one is clad in a bright white track suit and the other is in grey.

"It's our feeling that there are individuals out there who know someone who has a stark white tracksuit like that one," Cpl. Dale Carr told reporters.

He added that a two-day search of the area around the murder garnered a "great deal" of evidence, but declined to elaborate on exactly what was discovered.

"We're very encouraged by some of the stuff that we have found," he said.

Father calls for action against gangs

Devon's mother was in tears as she pleaded for witnesses to come forward and give evidence to police.

"We know that there are people out there who know who did this evil, cruel act. Mothers, look into your hearts and think of your own children, because you don't want to go there," Allaire-Bell said.

"The murder of our young must stop."

Father Wayne Bell took a much harder stance, vowing to do whatever he could to bring his son's murderers to justice.

"The police are doing their job. After their job is done, believe you me, I'm going to ensure that this is never forgotten, and yes, I am going to ensure that they are punished to the full extent of the law," Bell said.

He also called for people to stand up and fight back against gang violence across B.C.

"If gang mentality is what they have, then we should have a gang mentality too, one that fights for the right things," he said.

"I have heard people say that they will stand behind me, but I don't want you standing behind me, I want you standing next to me, fighting for all these things that we know are right."

Police also want to speak with two men who provided information on the night of the stabbing.