If you have a young gamer on your Christmas list but don't know what to buy help is on the way.

Victor Lucas, host of Electric Playground, is a master at picking top video games and is sharing some of this year's biggest hits rated "E for everyone."

This year, Lucas has picked Nintendo's Mario Brothers -- in which four can now play at the same time.

"The classic curse of Mario is you're sitting on the couch beside your friend and you are waiting for them to die before you can get your chance now you don't have to," he said.

A Boy and his Blob is Victor's favorite WII game of the year. He says it has a nice storybook feel to it.

"It's like the perfect holiday game because you befriend this blob creature that can transform into all these different shapes that will help this little boy along in his path," he said.

And for the DS, Mario and Luigi's Bowser's Inside Story -- which Victor calls one of the best handheld games of the year - is a role playing game with a sense of humour.

For the PS3, the Little Big Planet Game of the Year edition is almost its own game platform.

There are more than a million levels created by fans around the world and this version puts some of the best onto a disc.

"It's really connected with a lot of people and there is a lot more on the way with this game as well and Sony also released a hand held version of it," he said.

Dirt 2 is off-roading at its best, Lucas said.

"You really feel like you are getting shaken around. It's just a ridiculously good time."

Forza Motorsport 3 is an incredible franchise for Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Victor says it's the best Forza yet with photo realistic images and real cars with great attention to detail in and out.

"They just released a new hot holiday pack with a new Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lambourgini -- so you can have a huge garage full of cars and not make Jay Leno money."

The Beatles Rock Band is an attempt to engage many generations of people.

"They've created a fully fleshed out Beatles experience," he said.

Like appearing on the Ed Sullivan show complete with screaming fans. And for the first time you can sing in three-part harmony.

"You will actually learn how to be a better singer playing this game," he said.

The Rock Band phenomenon has actually sparked an increase in the sales of musical instruments. In the next evolution, word has is they'll teach you how to play the real thing.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Chris Olsen