Many of us will be slipping over the border to take advantage of "Black Friday" sales. Health Canada is warning shoppers that many products approved for sale there are banned here.

One example is novelty candles that spontaneously re-light once extinguished. Jequirity beans are also banned. They are poisonous and are often part of artwork and jewelry purchased in the Caribbean.

Baby walkers may look like fun but they are banned because of the danger they pose to young children. Other items you can't have in Canada include: infant self-feeding devices which present a choking hazard, and yo-yo balls --which pose a risk of strangulation.

Denis Roy of Health Canada says just because you shop on-line doesn't mean you can get around a ban.

Those who travel the virtual world and do their cross border shopping on line should also be aware that the same rules apply. For example you may find a great deal on something like hockey helmets or other sports related equipment, but you need to be aware that if the item is imported or brought into Canada, it must meet our safety requirements.

If you bring a banned item into the country the item would be seized -you would not be reimbursed --and you could be detained for some time at the border while they sort things out.

To keep current on the latest bans and recalls it's a good idea to regularly check the Health Canada website.