Every Friday CTV’s consumer reporter Lynda Steele answers a handful of viewer questions CTV has received.

Timothy in Vancouver asked: Is there a way to track my bike it were ever stolen?

There is a new company that uses mobile technology to help get your bike back. It's called Bike Revolution Canada. For $15 you can get three pulse ID tags, which are tamper-resistant and weatherproof. You put those tags on your bike and if your bike is ever recovered by police you can scan the barcodes on the tags to identify your ride. For more information you can log onto the company's website at www.bikerevolution.ca

Another viewer had concerns about a hot summertime fashion trend. Montana Treeter said: I've heard about feather extensions in the hair, and I don't understand why the fishing industry's getting all upset.

The fishing industry is competing with the hair industry this summer. Feather hair extensions are all the rage. In fact they're so popular, they're causing a shortage of feathers used in making fishing lures. And while fishermen aren't thrilled, Sutro Hair Salon in Vancouver is embracing the trend. Stylists there are doing several feather extensions a day on their clients.

"I just think it's a nice to have a bit of hair jewelry. It's nice, you can dress it up. It's a non-commitment highlight that you can add a bit of colour, and it lasts about three weeks," said Jeanine Tychkowsky, Sutro Hair Salon Owner.

The feather extensions cost $10 each, or three for $27.

And finally Timothy emailed us to ask: Just how safe it is for his 13 year old to use the lawn mower?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children should be at least 12 years old before they operate a lawn mower. But lawn mower injuries are often serious, so you may want to keep a few things in mind before you make that decision.

Blades on today's mowers can exceed 200 miles an hour. And any debris encountered can become a projectile. Consumer Reports did some recent testing, mowing over golf balls. Sharp pieces flew more than 100 feet. That's why it's so important to keep kids and pets well away when you're mowing the lawn.

A recent survey from Consumer Reports revealed many people have bad mowing habits. More than half wore shorts, and 14 per cent wore flip-flops. Another bad habit was eight per cent of people admitted to drinking beer or alcohol while mowing the lawn.

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