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Spirits high at Vancouver 4-20 events, but the weather put a damper on turnout

All the booths were set up, and merchandise of all kinds was ready to be sold, but strong wind and pounding rain kept a lot of the crowd away from this year's 4-20 celebrations in Vancouver.

At one point, the wind gusts were so strong, tents were being blown over.

“It's been wet and cold. It's steady, but I mean, people aren't liking the weather,” said a merchant selling pot-infused treats.

Many people turned up briefly, toured the grounds, and then left.

This year, two events took place simultaneously: one at Thornton Park near the Main Street SkyTrain station, and the other at Sunset Beach where it’s been held before.

The latter was probably the bigger event, but not by much.

Musical artists who would see throngs of dancers on a sunny day performed to largely empty fields.

Permits weren’t issued for either event, because the Vancouver Park Board said they failed to meet insurance and safety plans.

But organizers argued they didn’t need one, because the gatherings were protests.

“I’d call it more of a demonstration and a market, people coming together to celebrate something that heals,” said another vendor. Top Stories

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