An injured snowshoer has been rescued after falling into a dangerous gully while traversing steep terrain on Cypress Mountain, but remains in serious condition.   

North Shore Rescue said the man lost his footing while snowshoeing and fell off a series of steep cliffs on Saturday night before landing in Tony Baker Gully – named after the first person to lose his life there.

Tim Jones with NSR said the man’s condition was very serious when rescuers arrived.

After being treated by a paramedic, the man was pulled to safety using a rope rescue system. Thirty-five rescuers were involved, with terrain and weather conditions presenting a challenge.

Jones said the man was outside the park boundary with others, and they were not equipped for the conditions.    

“He was wearing just a normal recreation outfit but was not prepared for the situation. He was not equipped to deal with the terrain,” said Jones. “They were moving in terrain they shouldn’t have.”

The man remains in hospital, according to NSR.