Alfredo Bonaldi, the 91-year-old man who was left unattended for days at an Okanagan care home, has died in hospital.

The senior had been clinging to life since his family found him in his room at the Summerland Seniors Village, an assisted-living facility, on Nov. 25.

He was taken to Penticton Regional Hospital and diagnosed with kidney failure, an infection and possible salmonella poisoning, and died on Friday.

“I spent the day with my dad and I’m glad I did,” daughter Edi Inglis said Monday. “We’re still trying to process everything but it’s very hard. We’re just making [funeral] arrangements now.”

The cause of Bonaldi’s death is unclear, and his family is reportedly requesting an autopsy.

In August, Bonaldi’s wife Maria suffered a femur fracture at the same care home, but wasn’t taken to hospital for an X-ray until the family intervened days later. She died a week after being admitted.

Retirement Concepts, the company that runs the care home, sent a letter apologizing to Bonaldi’s family on Friday.

“We sincerely apologize to you and your family for all you have gone through over the past several weeks and months as a result of what happened to your parents at the facility,” it read.

The letter, which was signed by company president Azim Jamal and vice-presdient Tony Baena, acknowledged that “errors were made” by staff in reporting their mother’s injury and in missing their father’s absence.

“We are taking steps to improve our reporting procedure and communication between staff members.”

Inglis said she’s not interested in an apology from the company, but wants to see the provincial government step in and ensure no other families have to suffer the way hers has.

“I’m looking at the [Ministry of Health] and the government because if we don’t get them into this, there’s not going to be any changes there,” Inglis said.

“We feel like we’ve been let down by the people involved that have given Retirement Concepts the approval and the licensing to operate.”

The ministry and the local health authorities confirm they are reviewing the incidents at the Summerland Seniors Village.

Minister Margaret McDiarmid told CTV News in November it is “very important” to get to the bottom of what went wrong.