A B.C. senior is clinging to life after being left unattended for days at a care home in the Okanagan, and his outraged family wants to know what went wrong.

Alfredo Bonaldi’s daughters said the 91-year-old stopped showing up for meals last week at his assisted-living residence, the Summerland Seniors Village, but nobody bothered to check up on him.

Staff even failed to investigate after Bonaldi’s fellow patients noticed his absence.

“The dementia people were asking why he wasn’t at the table, and no inquiries were made,” daughter Edi Inglis told CTV News.

On Sunday, the family took it upon themselves to visit his room.

“When my husband opened the door, he said that he thought he was gone already,” Inglis said.

Bonaldi was found suffering from kidney failure and an infection. He was taken to Penticton Regional Hospital for treatment, but remains close to death.

The care home, which is operated by Retirement Concepts, has recently been subject to two surprise inspections. In both cases, it was found to be out of compliance on its standards of care.

Tony Baena, a Retirement Concepts spokesman in Toronto, told CTV News the company is working to determine how Bonaldi fell through the cracks.

“In this particular case there appears to have been a breakdown, there’s no doubt about it. We want to complete our investigation and take whatever action is needed,” Baena said.

It’s unclear what initially left him incapacitated in his room, but his family said he’s also suffering from the effects of salmonella poisoning.

Investigations have also been launched by the local health authority and the Ministry of Health, which said Bonaldi’s case demands immediate attention.

“There are other people that are in this facility, and we need to get as much information as possible and then take the action that’s necessary,” Health Minister Margaret McDiarmid said.

With a report from CTV British Columbia’s Kent Molgat

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