VANCOUVER -- Angela Cao jumped into action when she saw two raccoons attacking her precious toy poodle.

"At that time, I didn't think about anything. And what is in my mind, I said, 'I need to save my dog,'" Cao told CTV News.

It happened Sunday evening when the dog named Moose went to their Richmond backyard for a bathroom break.

Cao said he was only outside for two seconds when she heard loud noises.

"I just went out to check. I found two raccoons attacking him. I am so scared and I run back into the house and grab this chair," she said.

She started swinging her chair in front of the raccoons in an attempt to separate them from Moose, she said.

The poodle quickly ran into the house but Cao said the raccoons started lunging at her and seemed determined to capture her dog.

Cao grabbed a lawn solar light and threw it in the direction of the raccoons and that's when they fled.

She took Moose to the emergency animal hospital where he underwent surgery and got 23 stitches.

Cao said she is sharing her story to warn others to be vigilant.

"I have some friends, they’re new immigrants. They always tell me, 'Oh, I found some raccoon in my backyard. They are so cute. I just gave them some food.' So I think it's so dangerous. I just want to warn on people, must be careful," she said.

Now if Moose needs to go on a washroom break, Cao said she will take him out to the front yard on a leash.

She said she will be contacting pest control for advice.

According to the province, raccoons can be legally trapped and hunted depending on the location and licences.

Poisoning any wildlife is against the law.

The province also suggests contacting a professional pest control company or the local municipality if there is a persistent raccoon problem.