The owner of a severely emaciated Doberman seized by the B.C. SPCA says his dog was being properly cared for and he has no idea why the agency would have launched an animal cruelty investigation against him.

The Surrey man, who would only identify himself as Mike, voluntarily surrendered the dog after someone complained of seeing the animal "in serious distress" on Jan. 18.

Special constables said the two-year-old dog, named Rocky, was suffering from anemia and severe liver problems in addition to being severely malnourished. He also had pressure sores on his hips and legs authorities said came from repeated contact against the hard concrete platform he was found on.

Mike told CTV News the dog only ever stayed on his home's front deck, and was never left on the cement pad surrounded by a chain link fence in his backyard.

"I would have to be a dumbass to keep him on the concrete in the winter," he said. "He has never been tied up -- ever. He was only ever tied up when he was inside."

Investigators say the dog was brought in weighing roughly half of what he should for his age.

Mike said his dog had only become thin in the week before it was seized and he had planned to take the dog to the veterinarian the day authorities seized it. He said he fed the dog "crappy, Purina dog food" twice a day.

As for the pressure wounds on his legs, Mike told CTV News it's because the puppy often got into scuffles with another dog in the home.

"He just fought a lot, that's why he had marks on him," he said, adding that the other dog was removed from the home recently.

Mike says he's not worried about the cruelty investigation against him.

"No one is going to say around here I was being cruel to the dog. It's just that he was really skinny," he said.

Lorie Chortyk of SPCA community relations told the dog is responding well to care and will not be returned to his owner.

The dog is living with one of the staff members at the Surrey shelter and has put on several pounds.