Vancouver's Olympic cauldron is coming out of retirement.

The four-armed cauldron, which sits along the Vancouver waterfront and drew thousands of spectators during the 2010 Winter Games, hasn't been lit since the Paralympics wrapped up in March.

But organizers of Vancouver's marquee Canada Day event say the cauldron will once again burn bright during a July 1 ceremony.

Brett Calder with Canada Place Corp. says the cauldron will be re-lit to remind Canadians of the national pride that was felt as this country's athletes brought home a record 14 Olympic gold medals.

And though warm temperatures are to be expected during the event, Calder says everyone is invited to show up sporting their red Olympic mittens.

The cauldron was built to reflect the 2010 Games theme of fire on ice and was first lit after the Olympic opening ceremonies by hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.