VANCOUVER -- A local high school teacher has been identified as one of the seven victims attacked in a mass stabbing in North Vancouver over the weekend.

In a statement issued Sunday, Argyle Secondary School confirmed Sheloah Klausen was one of the people injured in the incident. She's expected to make a full recovery, the statement says.

"This type of incident impacts all of us. Our thoughts are with Ms. Klausen and all members of the North Vancouver School District and larger North Vancouver community," the statement says.

The school says it has implemented a plan to support students and staff, with counsellors expected to be present on Monday. 

Meantime, a GoFundMe campaign has been set up for Susanne Till, who friends and family have identified as another victim.

“Susanne, as many know, is the epitome of motherhood... working full time and ensuring her children experience all the wonders life has to offer.... her passion to make holidays extra special, spending weekends visiting with friends at local parks and exhibits and baking up a storm to share,” reads the campaign.

The post says Till is a single mother.

“Susanne's injuries are extensive and life changing and at this time it is unknown if she will need more surgery. Her rehabilitation will be exhaustive and she will not be able to return to work anytime in the near future.”

Six people were taken to hospital after Saturday's stabbings, which police said occurred "within and outside" the Lynn Valley Library.

One woman, who police said was in her late 20s, succumbed to her injuries at the scene. The rest of the victims were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

Witnesses described the scene as "chaos," and said the suspect seemed to be attacking people at random.

“There was a girl who was basically motionless and she was bleeding profusely from her face. We were trying to decide if it was safe to approach and at the same time, there were a couple of people near her, but this guy ripped off his shirt and wrapped it around her head and he was incredible, “ said Meagan Rae, who works at a nearby bank.

Rae says the woman had serious injuries.

“From what I could see she had some very deep stab wounds on her head. She had one across her nose and down her eyes. I think she had tried to kind of protect herself, but there was one other arm. It was awful,” said Rae.

She says the entire experience was terrifying.

“I've never really understood the feeling of being crippled by the feeling of panic, but it felt that way, for sure.” 

A man was arrested shortly after the incident at Lynn Valley Village shopping centre in North Vancouver Saturday afternoon. Video of the arrest appeared to show him stabbing himself and collapsing before police converged on him.

Homicide investigators later confirmed Yannick Bandaogo, 28, has been charged with second-degree murder in the attack.

A large memorial with dozens of bouquets of flowers, candles and cards continued to grow Monday morning.

Signs reading “Lynn Valley Strong” were scattered throughout.

A steady stream of people dropped by to pay their respects.

“We saw the last two people going away in the ambulance. Then we found out later that one person had passed away. It's just been very tragic for our community,” said Diane Dasler.

Dasler says she had been near the library just half an hour before the chaos unfolded.

“It's just unbelievable that that yeah that could have been me and I put myself in their shoes what it must have been like,” she said.

She and her husband say the area where the attack happened is normally bustling with families.

“It’s always felt very safe, very secure. So yes, just tragic to have that taken away,” said her husband Martin.