For years, women have had a love-hate relationship with the swimsuit. Searching for the perfect one to hide problem areas and still look fashionable can, at times, feel like an impossible quest.

But a made-in-Vancouver swimsuit line is embracing women’s unique shapes, offering bathing suits for the “real” woman. Whether you're pear shaped, flat chested, top heavy or have a big bum, the Nettle’s Tale swimsuit line is for you.

Julia Church is the creative genius behind the company that designs swimsuits with the average woman in mind.

"It's not hyper sexualized. All of the models are real Pacific Northwest women, their bodies aren't retouched in any way," said Church. “And we get all of our swimsuits made locally in East Vancouver, with locally sourced material. We use a local fabric company." 

Nettle's Tale sells five designs made to suit all body types. One of the designs called the “Britney” can be worn in six different ways.

It's all become reality thanks to a good idea, and a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

The online community responded in a big way and Church raised $70,000, enough money to begin production and open an online boutique.

Now Church is giving back.

"We let every model in our shop pick a cause that she's personally passionate about, and then every time her design sells, 10 per cent of the profits go to that cause," she said.

Model Kimberly's favourite charity is an art program for high-risk children called Scribble Me Silly.

"I just think that's an amazing part of it giving back. So every time you buy the Kimberly, 10 per cent goes to that," she said.

Nettle’s Tale swimsuits can be purchased online and range in price from $60 to $140. Church is also hoping to open a six-day pop-up store in Vancouver this summer.