The life and death of Robert Dziekanski will be the subject of a movie.

The Polish immigrant died after being Tasered by police five times at Vancouver International Airport in 2007.

The movie, titled "Tazed," will be a drama based on public record. Video of the incident will also be included in the movie.

Local film company Utopia Pictures will begin shooting in June with a budget of $1.5 million.

The Dziekanski case was "more interesting than any story I could think up," director Laurence Keane told CTV News.

The drama will be told by various witnesses, and will include the police version of events, testimony from an inquiry into the incident, and recollections of Dziekankski from his family and friends, according to a plot outline posted on Facebook.

It will also include Dziekanski's "own experience of the whole incident as imagined by the screenwriter."