Mounties across the country are now listing the exact addresses of alleged marijuana grow-ops and drug labs, but caution that some of the locations may be "erroneous."

The new Marijuana Grow Initiative, launched Wednesday, provides an online list of the sites of drug operations that have dismantled by the RCMP.

B.C. is already leading the country in hits on the site, with the addresses of 72 dismantled operations dating back to October. A large fraction of the busts were in Surrey, but Vancouver Island doesn't appear to be included in the tally.

In contrast, Saskatchewan has just 10 listed sites and Alberta a paltry six.

The RCMP website includes a disclaimer saying that the information is "not warrantied" and that the addresses include sites where grow-ops and drug labs "may have been located."

It goes on to say that "reasonable efforts" were made to ensure the information is accurate, but "some addresses may have been erroneously included."

The list includes how many plants were seized at each site and when. Police say the locations will remain online for one year.

Municipal police forces in Winnipeg, Ottawa and London, Ontario are also participating in the program.