CTV would like to congratulate the following unofficial winners who have won the Best of B.C. contest - A Day at The Aquarium to see Sharks and Rays:

Pedro Silva of Coquitlam

Jean Ternan of Campbell River

Christine Pedersen of Langley

Anna Berger of Vancouver

Sonia Rishi of Vancouver

Jan Petersen of Vancouver

Ann Marchand of North Vancouver

Katherine Mitchell of 108 Mile Ranch BC

Margaret Lee of Vancouver

Joseph Hudon of Surrey

 Ever wonder what makes a shark a fierce hunter or how they achieve incredible stealth and speed through the water? Did you know that some sharks are capable of virgin births? Have you ever seen a stingray suck up its prey? Uncover these fascinating facts and behaviours as you explore the Aquarium’s newest animals, exhibits and shows for The Secret World of Sharks and Rays.

Watch a diver get up-close-and-personal with the beautiful zebra shark and elegant whiprays during a dive show in the Tropic Zone or press your nose against the glass during a live shark feed. Whatever you do, don’t miss the tasselled wobbegong, an odd-looking shark with a lacy beard and camouflaged skin!

Guests will also have the opportunity to learn about the threats sharks and rays face in the wild. Although sharks are sometimes viewed as a frightening species, many sharks and rays face a scary reality of their own. Overexploitation and pollution pose serious threats to both species. The Secret World of Sharks and Rays provides an inside look into ways that humans can help protect these amazing animals in the wild.

For more details visit www.vanaqua.org