With the federal government's approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion facing backlash in parts of the West Coast, the mayor of Hope is saying he and his community are for the contentious project.

Peter Robb told CTV News the pipeline twinning project would bring year-round jobs to the people in his community.

Robb added that the whole of British Columbia would benefit, but did not provide specific examples of how the project would support local businesses.

The mayor said he understands why some are against the expansion, but believes the opposition is overblown.

"I understand down the line that there's some concern in Burnaby with the shipping side of things and pollution of the ocean, but there's so many new regulations in place now, I'm sure that with Trans Mountain following the new guidelines, there won't be any issues," he told CTV News.

Pipeline materials could be seen stockpiled outside Hope this week, ready for construction to begin.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the government's renewed support for the project Tuesday, which is expected to triple the amount of fossil fuels funneled into B.C. through the pipeline.

The announcement triggered a protest in downtown Vancouver.

The pipeline expansion was previously approved but overturned by the Federal Court of Appeal last summer, which found that the government hadn't properly consulted with Indigenous communities or considered the impacts of increased oil tanker traffic on marine life off the B.C. coast.

Trudeau said the project is expected to break ground "this construction season."