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Man charged with impersonating dental hygienist wanted on B.C. warrant

Emmanuel Osaseri is accused of impersonating a dental hygienist in Saanich, B.C.. (Saanich police/LinkedIn) Emmanuel Osaseri is accused of impersonating a dental hygienist in Saanich, B.C.. (Saanich police/LinkedIn)

Police in Saanich, B.C., are searching for a 22-year-old man who has been criminally charged for cleaning people's teeth without the necessary professional qualifications, saying they have reason to believe he has breached or is about to breach the conditions of his release from custody.

Emmanuel Fogofolu Osaseri appeared in B.C. provincial court on Jan. 17, charged with fraud under $5,000 and personation to gain advantage, after he was accused of impersonating a female dental hygienist since November.

The hygienist he was allegedly impersonating is registered to work in B.C. with the provincial college of oral health professionals.

Osaseri was released from custody with various conditions, including that he not attend any place that provides dental care unless he has a personal appointment.

In a statement Monday, the Saanich Police Department said investigators have "reasonable and probable grounds to believe that Mr. Osaseri has contravened or is about to contravene the release order on which he was released, specifically by attempting to work again while unqualified."

As a result, the department says a B.C.-wide warrant has been issued for Osaseri to review his release order.

"To prevent Mr. Osaseri from providing further dental treatment to the public, and to serve the warrant, the Saanich Police Major Crime Unit would like any information that could lead to his arrest," Saanich police spokesperson Sgt. Damian Kowalewich said.

Saanich police opened their investigation into the man when the department's major crimes unit was tipped off about someone allegedly providing dental care without proper training or licensing.

"(It was) the individual's work product that raised concerns — not consistent with industry standards,” Kowalewich said in an interview with CTV News last week. "The public expects any time they go to a professional that that person has the proper training."

A court document accuses Osaseri of defrauding Dr. Hall Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of less than $5,000.

"Osaseri has never registered with the B.C. College of Oral Health Professionals and is not authorized to practise as a dental hygienist in this province," according to college registrar and chief executive officer Dr. Chris Hacker.

"Employers are responsible for ensuring that all the oral health care professionals they hire are registered/certified with BCCOHP," Hacker added. "They also need to be confident that anyone they refer patients to for care has been granted the authority to provide that care."

The dental college maintains a public registry where patients can check the status of a dental professional in B.C.

Anyone who believes they have received dental treatment from an unlicensed person can report to college staff online at or by calling 1-888-202-0448.

Unlicensed practitioners are a risk to the public, the college said, because they "have not demonstrated the skills, qualifications and knowledge to provide ethical and safe care" in accordance with the agency's standards.

The college regulates approximately 16,000 oral health professionals in B.C., including certified dental assistants, dental hygienists, dental technicians, dental therapists, dentists and denturists.

Last month, a 34-year-old woman in Central Saanich, B.C., was charged with personation and making forged documents after allegedly trying to work as a nurse using fake credentials.

Prior to her arrest, Charrybelle Talaue, who police said uses multiple pseudonyms, had applied for and worked in health-care jobs in B.C. and Alberta, despite her lack of nursing qualifications.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Osaseri is asked to contact the Saanich police at 250-475-4321.

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