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'Make good decisions': B.C. premier weighs in on #OhtaniWatch


B.C.'s premier weighed in on the possibility that the Toronto Blue Jays could be set to acquire Shohei Ohtani – one of the biggest free agents in baseball history.

"As Jays fans I think we're all crossing our fingers today, and hoping that our team makes good decisions and brings home good talent for our team," David Eby said.

Eby offered his opinion while #OhtaniWatch was trending on Twitter Friday afternoon, as speculation about where the two-way Japanese superstar will sign reached a fever pitch.

A private plane flying from Santa Ana, Calif., to Toronto that was rumoured to be carrying Ohtani to a meeting with the Blue Jays quickly became the most-tracked flight in the world.

The Los Angeles Dodgers remain the favourite to land him, but reports say the Blue Jays are among the list of teams believed to be in the mix.

Ohtani is expected to command a massive long-term deal that could be worth around US$500 million.

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