A contentious flag depicting a boxing kangaroo on top of Vancouver's 2010 Athletes Village will live to fight another day, thanks to a decision by the International Organizing Committee.

The large green and yellow Australian banner was ordered down by the IOC last week after a member said the trademarked logo should not preside over the village.

The Australian Olympic Committee protested – saying the banner had appeared at every athletes village since the 2000 Sydney games.

The debate also sparked a protest. Waving Australian flags and bearing signs reading ‘Don't take me kangaroo down sport,' dozens of Australians took to a busy street corner during Friday's rush hour to offer support for the flag flap.

On Sunday, IOC President Jacques Rogge told the head of Australia's Olympic Committee the banner can stay, but athletes must register the symbol with the agency for future Games.

Mike Tancred of Australia's Olympic Committee told CTV News they are "absolutely delighted" about the decision.

The boxing kangaroo is the mascot for a flagship education program in Australia advocating fair play and Olympic ideals.