The spider monkey killed in a break-in at the Greater Vancouver Zoo in B.C. last week was remembered in a memorial service Sunday.

On Sunday afternoon, staff read a eulogy and lit candles to remember Jocko, a 15-year-old male, and called out for more tips on where his 17-year-old mate Mia might be.

"There are going to be some candles to light and some videos of the monkeys," said the Zoo's marketing manager, Jody Henderson.

"Staff will put together some comments and I will read a eulogy," she said.

Jocko suffered a skull fracture when someone used bolt cutters to break into his cage in Aldergrove Tuesday night.

Jocko was discovered dead on Wednesday morning by zoo keeper Cindy Hulst.

The culprits, who may have used the same bolt cutters to kill Jocko, also made off with Mia. The pair had been mates for 15 years.

The zoo has posted a $3,000 reward for information leading to Mia's safe return, and is accepting donations to help cover the cost.

Another Coquitlam couple is also offering $5,000 to anyone who returns Mia unharmed.

"We've had a couple leads already but they didn't pan out," said Henderson. "They were just cats and dogs."

Mia is about 45 cm tall and weighs 11 kg, with a dark brown and black fur coat around most of her body, with a golden colour on her chest and stomach. She has a long tail and steel blue eyes.

Police say spider monkeys can fetch about $5,000 on the black market.

The zoo is asking anyone who sees Mia not to reach out to her but to call the RCMP or the zoo immediately.

The ceremony began at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday at the zoo, which is at 5048 264 Street in Aldergrove.

The zoo is accepting donations through any VanCity to branch 23 and account 251132.