The B.C. government is targeting hipsters in their latest ad campaign, leaving the skinny jean-wearing, Instagram-using and un-signed band-listening community scratching their toques.

In an effort to promote skilled-trade jobs in the province, the government has launched an ad campaign that includes the slogan “Hipster is not a real job.”

The $600,000 campaign is found on bus ads throughout Vancouver and encourages hipsters to visit the Career Trek website.

The hipster community declined to comment, stating the ads were too mainstream to acknowledge, but did take to Twitter to defend their way of life.

“I don't care what the BC Government says, I'm growing a moustache and investing in more pairs of skinny jeans,” @rasheedclarke tweeted.

Another argued that it takes a lot more effort to be a hipster than the government thinks. “I disagree. It’s a full time job,” @torbez tweeted.

Although the eye-catching ad may be joke-worthy, there is a serious need for workers in the province.

The federal ship-building contract, new mines and natural gas plants will provide thousands of new jobs in B.C., but the province says there may not be enough workers to fill them.

Two hundred Chinese nationals were reportedly hired to fill mining jobs in B.C. recently.

However, while the need for workers may be dire, whether this ad will encourage hipsters to trade their delicate vintage plaid shirts and ironic fanny packs for blue-collar duds and tool belts remains to be seen.