Transit police are investigating reports of a disturbing and racist attack on a bus in Vancouver that occurred just days after another on-board assault.

The victim told CTV News she didn't want to be identified but wanted to share her story.

She said she boarded the number 16 bus on Sunday, and was watching a funny video on her phone. As she laughed, a man who had just boarded began swearing at her.

At first, she ignored him, but when he used a racial slur she made eye contact. She then turned to a couple seated near her on the bus and explained she was just watching a video.

She said the couple nodded and understood she was laughing at the video, not at the man.

"Then I went back to watching my video, then he got up. He came up to me and he spat on my face," she said.

"The spit went into my mouth and I could taste his breath."

The woman said she swung her keys at him, then got up and backed away down the aisle as he approached, yelling and swearing.

"I kept backing off. I backed off all the way to the back where there was the stairs, and nobody on the bus did anything," she said.

The bus driver then pulled over and the man got off.

Transit police say they've spoken to the driver and are still working to identify the suspect.

"We do know that this bus was equipped with video, so that would be the next step in the investigation," Sgt. Clint Hampton told CTV News.

The victim said she was so traumatized by the incident that she hasn't been able to sleep.

"Ever since then my whole life has been upside down… I didn't deserve this. I didn't do anything," she said.

The assault followed another attack just days before on the number 14 night bus on Granville. In that case, the victim told CTV she'd informed the driver she felt unsafe after a man who asked her for money outside the bus appeared to be following her.

They both ended up on board, and the man allegedly attacked her.

Vancouver police are investigating the incident which occurred early Thursday morning.

The victim of Sunday's assault says she wants to hear from the city and from TransLink. She's shaken but also angry, saying she doesn't feel safe on the bus anymore and wants something to be done.

She believes there should be security on certain routes to try to prevent what happened to her from happening again.

Transit police say those who feel unsafe or witness an incident like an assault are advised to take steps to report the situation.

In an emergency, call 911, which is what the woman assaulted Sunday did. She believes the driver also called for help.

Officials say other steps include letting the driver know, if they aren't already aware, and texting 87-77-77, which goes directly to the transit police dispatch centre.

With a report from CTV Vancouver's Maria Weisgarber