Fight HST organizer Chris Delaney announced Tuesday he is resigning as the B.C. Conservative party's deputy leader over conflict regarding the HST.

He has accepted the position of spokesman for the new BC First party.

Delaney told that the B.C. Conservative party was only pretending to be anti-HST, while working behind the scenes to support it.

"Rather than use this opportunity to create a real change, they seem to be moving the party toward the same position of the BC Liberals and the NDP. I felt we needed something else," he said.

Delaney said the HST is about much more than the tax -- it's about listening to the people.

"B.C. is losing democracy. The government is not listening to the people despite how hard they yell," he said.

While Delaney will remain involved with the Fight HST campaign to help leader Bill Vander Zalm with organization and strategy, most of his time will be devoted to building the BC First party.

"Most of the big work in the Fight HST from the provincial standpoint was done with the petition. The recall phase will be done locally and that means my active duties aren't as pressing," he said.

Vander Zalm told that although he will not join any political party until after the Fight HST campaign is over, he supports Delaney.

"I wish him well. He obviously made a choice because he believes this is where he can get done what he's been fighting for, which the mainline party appears to have ignored," he said. "If the new party offers an alternative -- that's OK to me. I want more direct democracy and that's what they believe their strength to be."

As for his next step, Vander Zalm said the campaign is working on recalls and seeking out canvassers.

"We won't know until November where we're strongest and then we'll start immediately after the New Year. Unless of course the government decides to have a referendum this year -- as they should," he said.