The family of a B.C. senior shot this week while on vacation in Mexico says they feel abandoned by the government in their efforts to have him brought home.

Mike Di Lorenzo is recovering in a hospital in Mazatlan after being shot in the leg during a gang-style shootout in the tourist city on Tuesday.

His daughter Kathy said the last four days have been fraught with frustration and worry about how to get their 69-year-old father back to British Columbia.

"It's a huge roller coaster ride right now and I'm at my wit's end right now," she told CTV News.

Di Lorenzo got another blood transfusion today and Mexican doctors have told the family he isn't stable enough to travel back to Canada.

But Kathy doesn't understand why her dad can't be flown home immediately by air ambulance. She's angry that the federal government isn't doing more to help.

"Other people get air ambulanced when they're in critical condition, he's not in critical condition just get him up here, so he's taken care of Vancouver at least," she said.

The MP for Okanagan-Coquihalla, Stockwell Day, says Ottawa is doing all it can.

"For privacy reasons and security we don't go into specific details, into precautions and plans being made, but it's serious and we're taking it very seriously," Day said.

"I have talked directly with Mr. Di Lorenzo in his hospital room. I have talked with all the family members."

Di Lorenzo's wife Serafina said Canadian officials have promised to get her husband home at some point.

At his hospital bedside, she is hopeful but shaken.

"I'm just hoping that the blood they're giving will work. I don't know from doctors if it's working," she told CTV News in a telephone interview from Mexico.

For now all the family can do is wait and hope somebody decides to help.

"I just want my dad back," Kathy said.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Jina You